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We love innovation. When we first saw the Canny Collar way back in 2003, we knew that it provided a unique solution to one of the most common problems a dog owner has, namely pulling on the lead. The way it was designed was truly innovative, different to anything else that was around at the time. We were so impressed with its simplicity and effectiveness, we knew we wanted to be a part of its story and the Canny Company was born.

Fast forward 11 years and we have been lucky enough to discover a company just like our own that has come up with another brilliantly simple, yet useful solution for that essential combination of dog and lead. Think walking your dog on a freezing cold day with gloves on, a lead with a stiff trigger hook, arthritis in your hands or simply a dog with so much fur it is difficult to attach his or her lead. 

Enter the Canny Magloc. This device is a small and discrete solution to all of the above which offers a simple one handed way to connect your lead to your dog. All you need to do is point it at the dogs collar and click, the magnets connect your lead. The specially strengthened, glass reinforced nylon grips then snap into place to make sure the connection is secure enough to withstand 40kg of pulling dog pressure. That means any dog up to around a German Shepherd in size can be connected quickly and held securely with a Canny Magloc.

We have partnered with the boffins at Magloc, the guys that think up this clever stuff as regularly as you and I sit down for a cuppa, to ensure that dog owners can benefit from this wonderful piece of kit. So check out our online store, watch the video and discover the Canny Magloc for yourself.



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