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The Canny Company - a worldwide network of dog trainers

The Canny Company offers a small range of high quality dog products, including the famous Canny Collar, so that training your dog is both easy and enjoyable. All our products are designed by experts and backed by our experience of dog behavioural training & education.

We work with organisations such as The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Canine Partners and the RSPCA to help train and rehome dogs, plus training groups such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers to provide them with the tools they need to achieve the best results. We regularly donate to rescue shelters, dog charities and local training groups to help them continue their fantastic work.

The bottom line is that we want what most owners want, for dog training to be a simple and pleasurable experience. By investing in the correct equipment your training results can be achieved more quickly, allowing you more time together doing all the other fun stuff!  


Who we are

Sean McElherron - Canny Company Managing DirectorSean McElherron – Managing Director, based in Spain

We started the Canny Company back in 2003 when Tony, my father-in-law, first discovered the Canny Collar and realised it was exactly the type of  training aid for pulling dogs that he had been looking for (and trying to invent himself). The inventor, a traditional horseman called Brian Smith, kindly allowed us to market his brilliant collar and since then we have worked tirelessly to help more and more owners enjoy walking their dogs with the aid of Brian’s ‘canny’ invention. 

I am a dog trainer who still gets a big kick out of seeing owners with a previously uncontrollable dog now able to walk happily together with no pulling and no stress for both of them. The Canny Collar transforms their walks and for many, is the stepping stone to eventually walking their dog on a simple collar and a loose lead. After several years promoting the Canny Collar, we are now busy developing a small range of quality products with the same Canny philosophy – simplicity, kindness and effectiveness. 

I live in Spain with my wife Gemma, my three children Ella, Joe and James and our beautiful rescue dog Ruby, who we re-homed after she didn't get the greatest start in life, spending the first two years of her life chained to a wall in a run-down dog shelter. To see her run though fields and along beaches without a care in the world gives us all such great pleasure. Coco and Jasper, our two resident cats, complete the household and are generally to be found keeping Ruby out of her bed. 

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Tony O'Herlihy - Canny Company Training DirectorTony O’Herlihy – Training Director, based in Australia

My interest in dog training was originally sparked in the early 1980’s when our family volunteered to ‘puppy-walk’ a potential Guide Dog for a year. I have Dancer to thank when, ten years later, I was able to leave the corporate world and work in a professional capacity as a dog trainer and therapist. 

It was during these 20 years that I came to realize the most common problem owners had was how to walk their dog properly without pulling. As I used to tell my clients, if you can’t get your dog to behave on the lead, you have little chance of expecting good behaviour when your dog is off the lead. There were some useful walking devices on the market at that time but I always felt there was a better way yet to be invented. I puzzled over this problem to the point where I was trying to put together a prototype of a new product. 

It was about this time that the first Canny Collar was sent to me by Brian Smith, the inventor. I took one look at it and knew it would work. It ticked all the boxes that I had been trying to tick myself, in that it could be used from the left or right side of the dog, did not pull the dog’s head to the side and it looked both sturdy and comfortable at the same time. I tried it first on a difficult-to-walk Weimaraner and it worked like a dream, not only with the dog, but with the owner, who was somewhat disabled. Another bonus was that the nose strap didn’t ride up into the dog’s eyes. 

After agreeing to work with the inventor Brian Smith, we conducted extensive tests over a two year period with a variety of shelter dogs. The collar was put to the test by some pretty determined dogs and our admiration for the simplicity, workmanship and efficacy of the product increased with each new test we put the collar through. 

The Canny Company is now a small family business and I manage the Australian/South East Asian markets. Brian still has a keen interest in the progress of his inventive gem.  


Laura Malcolm - Canny Company Administration ManagerLaura Malcolm – Administration Manager, based in the UK

I joined the Canny Company in July 2014 covering for Emma on her maternity leave. I hold a Business Studies Degree and come from a background in Accounts & Administration. The position in The Canny Company greatly appealed to me as I have a great passion for dogs and could see what a great product the Canny Collar was.  

I have always loved dogs; growing up with my dad’s dogs, a Golden Retriever named Zoe and a little ginger Norfolk Terrier named Scruffy! My own dog was a very special little girl called Lucy, who was a Spaniel/Terrier cross we sadly lost two years ago and have not yet replaced. As I have a young boy and a baby, I have my hands full at the moment but will definitely be adding a dog back into our family as soon as possible! 

I am on hand to help all our customers and love the variety of my job.

by Sean McElherron