Coronavirus & Dogs | Can I Walk My Dog During A Lockdown?

face-mask-dog Walking your dog during a coronavirus lockdown

This is a fast moving and complex situation and information changes rapidly. We will keep this blog post updated as best we can with the most up to date information.

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Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy During Coronavirus Quarantine

Quarantine is hard for dogs too Quarantine is hard for dogs too

With our routines disrupted, your dog is also affected. Keep him or her happy & healthy with these essential tips.

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Adopting a Rescue Dog | 10 Tips for The First Week

tips_for_first_days_with_rescue_dog Adjusting to life with a new owner can be made easier with the right approach

The first week is a daunting time for an adopted dog. He must adapt to a new environment and family, while still recovering from the stress of living in a shelter.

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Help Your Dog With Car Sickness | 10 Practical Tips


Now that Summer is here and we all start to turn our attention to going on holiday. Packing up the car for a day’s outing with our dog should be something to look forward to.

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How Socialising Dogs And Good Training Can Save Their Lives


A new study, undertaken in the UK on behavioural reasons for deaths in dogs under three years of age, has found that a staggering 33.7% of deaths was linked to undesirable behaviour problems.

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Can A Dog Eat Fruit? Are Vegetables Toxic Or Safe?

It’s well known that humans need fruit and vegetables in their diet for balanced nutrition, but does your dog have the same requirements?

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Help Your Obese Dog Shed Weight And Still Give Treats

80% of vets note an increase in the number of pets coming into their offices overweight and sadly research backs up that obesity in pets has become increasingly common.

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