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Canine First Aid - Why It's So Important

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Imagine if you were out walking your dog and a situation occurred where a little gained knowledge may influence the outcome. Working with dogs has put me in situations where I have had to deal with cut paws, a CPR situation, a dog that got a bone splinter lodged in its mouth on a Sunday with the nearest Veterinary help over an hour away, seizures, strokes and a few more situations that could have had a more serious outcome but for a little canine first aid knowledge.

<p">I remember delivering a course at an animal rescue centre and a lady telling the class that her St. Bernard dog simply 'dropped dead' on a woodland walk. If that wasn't sad enough, the poor woman had 'beaten herself up' emotionally as she had played back a scene in her head whereby she had administered CPR and her dog had recovered.

I'm not telling you the above to be dramatic or over-concern you. It's an event that you are unlikely to encounter and even with CPR training there's a high likelihood that the poor dog would still have been lost but it's not hard to empathise with the poor owner replaying the event in her mind.

If, in any capacity, you work with dogs then certificate in Pet First Aid should be something you should either have or aspire to getting. It was the single biggest home visit thumbs-up from pet owners for me when I ran a dog walking/pet-sitting business as experience/insurance/testimonials etc. were simply business expectations for them but training in Pet First Aid was seen as a high value attribute.

If you're concerned at the potential cost/time commitment in gaining a qualification/training you may be surprised at how inexpensive it is to complete an online course. The courses I have seen are pitched at a comfortable level for pet owners and many owners have told me that it is the best money they have spent on pet care.

If you are struggling to find a worldwide certificated online Pet First Course you can find one that I recommend on my website below.

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