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A Dog's Urine Tells Other Dogs This....


When your dog pauses to sniff another dog's 'pee-mail' it is picking up a fair amount of information.

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Why Do Some Dogs Howl Along To Music?


Does your dog ever howl along whilst you're listening to a piece of music? 

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Is The Canine Mouth Cleaner Than The Human Mouth?


You’ve probably heard it said that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s because it contains stuff that kills germs. 

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How Our Five Senses Compare To Those Of A Dog


Our dogs may be deprived of common sense, but when it comes to the 5 senses, we should be in awe and understandably envious, with a couple of exceptions.

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Can Dogs Be Left Or Right Pawed?


Humans, unless we're ambidextrous, will have a dominant hand but do the same rules apply when it comes to our canine friends?

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Canine health - poisons


Seasonal Hazards (Autumn/Winter)

Now that the days of summer have slipped by we all begin to turn our thoughts to events like Halloween, Bonfire night and preparations for Christmas.

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Smile! Six Easy Steps To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth


Did you know 80% of dogs over the age of three experience gum disease? Gum disease begins when bacteria sticks to the surface of teeth.

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Yes, Dogs Can Be Allergic to Fleas!


Fleas are the tiny vampires of the dog world. Like mosquitoes and other blood-seeking parasites, fleas bite their victims to obtain their blood and then live off the rich nutrients found there.

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Lesser-Known Benefits Of Having Dogs In The Workplace


I recently read an article about dog-friendly workplaces and the impact on employees.

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Improve Your Canine Communication Skills With These Top Tips


5 Top Tips to Help You Read Your Dog's Body Language

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Five Great Tips To Keep Your Dog Mentally Positive


Below are five simple tips that owners can use to promote positive engagement and help keep their dog mentally stimulated.

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Why The Condition Of Your Dog's Skin And Coat Is Important


Everyone likes to see a soft shiny coat on their dog because, well, because it just looks healthy.  But, it goes much deeper than just looks.

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Some Interesting Dog Owning Statistics - Check These Out!


Dog owners are in for a bit of a treat with this post (excuse the pun!). I recently came across a set of statistics that threw up some interesting findings.

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Bloat – The Number 1 Canine Emergency


Bloat - Gastric Dilation-Volvulus (GDV)

This is an extremely serious first aid situation. It occurs when the stomach becomes enlarged through a build-up of gas and then twists along its long axis.

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Dogs Get Diabetes Too!


It’s fairly well-known that Diabetes is a disease that affects people but did you know that dogs get diabetes too? In fact Diabetes Mellitus (to give it its full name) is one of the most common endocrine conditions seen in dogs.

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4 Reasons That Dogs Walk In Circles Before They Poop!


This is one of those, I wonder why questions, that many of us have asked over the years. Just as you may have imagined there is not a simple answer to this age old question.

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Dog Breeds That Bark The Most...And The Least


I was asked recently my opinion on which dog breeds bark the most and gave the answer that, in my experience, smaller breeds were the most likely to bark randomly. 

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Did You Know This About Dogs And Anxiety?


My curiosity was piqued recently when I came across a study stating that anxiety may prematurely give dogs grey hair. Interested to know why some of our canine friends tended to go grey around the muzzle area earlier than others I was keen to know more.

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Some Lesser Known Trivia For Dog Lovers


One of the pleasures of researching the canine world are the seemingly never ending occasions when I say to myself "Well I didn't know that!" Today I have compiled five lesser known pieces of canine trivia that I have stumbled upon.

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Canine First Aid - Why It's So Important


As a former Pet First Aid Instructor I am often asked "Do you think I should enrol on a course in Pet First Aid?" I am still surprised to hear this as I consider it the single best cost/reward ratio act a pet owner can undertake.

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