Making good choices to keep pets safe

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PIXABAY---dog-kissing-girl---kiss-2667280_192_20180409-123023_1 Caring for our dogs means making careful choices along the way


Pet care and well-being

Most dogs like companionship and will form strong ties with family members which makes it hard if you are separated during holiday periods. As dog lovers we generally like to consider their needs from every aspect of their lives. Whether we are choosing dog food or treats, or whether we are considering the best lead to buy, or indeed what kind of pet care we organise when we are away from home. It all matters. It must be the best possible choice for our four-legged friends.


New leads and dog beds, careful consideration

Whenever a new dog enters our lives I always buy a new lead, it’s important I think to consider the dog, its size, its temperament and the purpose of the leash.  In the same way I want to consider the type of bed that might suit them, height, weight, cushioned or not. Leads in particular I find need careful consideration because of the age of the dog, the level of training achieved, and the types of outings planned.


Some dogs pull and need extra management on walks

If I am walking a dog that loves to pull in all directions I prefer to have more control and options with a lead such as the Canny Collar. It makes a remarkable difference and helps in training the dog. As a regular dog sitter and long term dog owner myself I have first-hand experience of the incredibly energetic dogs and puppies that simply need a little extra training in that regard.


Petsitting and caring for dogs at home

That extra special care and attention for dogs I believe is important when it comes to their care when I am away from home. I much prefer for them to feel safe and secure in their own environment where smells and the layout of the property is familiar to them. The alternatives of going out to a sitter, or a kennel or even going on the plane on holiday with you is a possibility today. Whether the logistics are possible or not it is still better and less stressful for the dogs to remain at home where they are most comfortable, and where any walking training can continue to ensure an unbroken routine.


Where do I find checked and registered sitters that I can afford?

Today it is easy to go online and find a petsitting or housesitting network that can provide sitters to suit the needs you have outlined for your dogs. A managed housesitting and petsitting network like gives you that extra sense of security that wherever you are you can find sitters who are ID checked, Police and background checked for extra security. Moreover, the sitter profiles carry their authenticated reviews against their profiles.


How does it work?

HouseSit Match is a managed social network that offers the opportunity for every pet owner to find suitable sitters to care for their pets in their own home. Moreover, an added benefit is that the sitters don’t charge, they offer their services for free in exchange for free accommodation.  


Are the sitters really doing this for Free?

The sitters are all animal lovers who are happy to stay in your home for free to care for your pets. Many are retired or semi-retired couples who are keen to see more of the country but have a fixed budget, so living in your home is their solution while they visit your region. The HouseSitMatch website has automated systems that alert sitters to your advert whenever you post a new set of holiday dates. They will then apply, and you can consider their profile before accepting them. All contact details are hidden, and your exact location is hidden too for safety.


Best choices for your dogs

Dogs are social animals, most of them love and crave human company so finding petsitters to stay with them in your absence makes a lot of sense.  Finding such sitters who’ll do this for free is an added bonus.

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