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Lesser-Known Benefits Of Having Dogs In The Workplace

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Expecting to read about dogs being 'therapeutic' and a loosely based 'bring your dog to work day' article, I was surprised to find some really interesting and not obvious information. The lesser known benefits of having a dog-friendly workplace included...

  • Pet-friendly workplaces were shown to have less absenteeism.
  • Employees were willing to work longer hours and do more overtime as they had a companion with them.
  • Dogs were shown to provide a 'social lubricant' in that employees who didn't normally interact suddenly felt a connection.

Aside from the more publicly acknowledged and perhaps obvious benefits, such as dogs being a good stress-reliever, it was good to read about tangible benefits of having dogs around in a workplace. 

Interestingly too, the pet-friendly benefits were shown to be evident across different industries and of value from offices to manufacturing environments. 

The study was first published in the International Journal Of Workplace Health Management in 2012 and has led to more businesses offering not only a pet-friendly environment but additional pet perks to their employees too.

You can find more about this interesting study here

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