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Why Do Dogs Howl To Music? | What Does It Mean When a Dog Howls?

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Does your dog ever howl along whilst you're listening to a piece of music? 


This is a topic that has interested me for some time and I decided to do some research to try and get to the bottom of why some of our canine friends practise this unusual trait.

I noted that dogs tended to howl along to the more high-pitched tunes as well as other high-pitched sounds. This supported the general theory, that dogs associate these high-pitched sounds with 'the calling of the pack' and were simply satisfying a primeval urge to join in. 

Tunes with higher pitched instruments such as, saxophones and clarinets tend to turn our more howl-along hounds into karaoke stars, whilst the lower pitched instruments such as bass guitar didn't seem to encourage them into joining in. 

It appears that our canine friends aren't really using our favourite tunes as an excuse to show off their singing skills but are simply associating certain music, along with high-pitched sounds such as emergency service sirens and phone ringtones with the howling of another of their canine cousins and are just 'joining in'.

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Monday, 21 September 2020

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