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Travelling with Pets: How to Make Your Trip Fun and Safe

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While it’s fun and exciting to bring your four-legged friends travelling, it can often be an anxiety-inducing experience for your pets.

To make the trip as enjoyable as possible, it’s important to make sure that your pets are both safe and comfortable. Keep reading to learn how you can make travelling with pets a fun and safe experience.


Secure Your Pets!

If travelling by car, your pet needs to be secure with little space to roam around the vehicle. A pet that isn’t secured can create driving hazards and may even lead to an accident. Cats, along with smaller animals like rabbits and guinea pigs, should always travel in a carrier. Ensure you use a seatbelt to secure the carrier because you do not want it bouncing around and potentially injuring your cat!

Dogs are generally larger animals, and this makes the process of travelling by car a bit trickier. A great way to travel with larger dogs is to use an open-topped crate which is also secured to the car.

Another option is to use a pet seatbelt. These are attached to your dog’s harness and prevents them from moving around in the vehicle. For optimal comfort, lay soft mat across the seat for your dog to lie on.

One final tip for the actual journey - don't secure your pet in the front seat! Not even a crate or a carrier will stop an airbag from potentially injuring your precious pets!


Choose Pet-Friendly Locations to Stay

Your pet will still need their exercise while you're away. Keeping this in mind, you'll need to choose a pet-friendly location to make sure your pets are getting their exercise. Otherwise, they'll be bouncing off the walls with energy around bedtime, which you definitely don't want.

On a similar note, it’s also important that before travelling, you research accommodation that allows pets- if you have a larger dog, make sure the accommodation provider allows larger pets inside. Campgrounds and similar places are usually quite good places to look to stay. Motels and fancier accommodation may be less permitting of your furry companions.


Don't Forget Your Pet's Toys!

Bringing along your pet's favourite toys, bedding, or even a blanket or two is a great idea. These items carry familiar scents, which may put your anxious pets at ease. Taking the time to bring along small items like these means you’ll most likely avoid a night of barking keeping you, and your neighbours, awake! What's more, toys enable you to exercise your pet without much exertion from yourself! It is definitely worth bringing some of these things along.


Involve Your Pet

It isn't expected that every single activity you do on your travels has to involve your pet. There are, however, some small things you can do to make your pet more comfortable can go a very long way. Leaving the hotel TV on can create some background noise at may help your pet feel more at ease. It may also drown out some city noises that your pet may not be used to.

There are plenty of useful websites, such as BringFido, which help you scout your destination. They enable you to view potential accommodation and activities that are pet-friendly. From here, you can plan and create lists of potential pet-friendly activities.

Your family and, in particular, the kids will enjoy being able to share their holiday with their beloved pets. They're part of the family after all! It’s not difficult to make these special arrangements, and the small touches go a long way!

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