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Where can you walk your dog in summer?


During the summer months you will find it increasingly difficult to find areas you can freely walk your dog. Throughout the summer many beaches and parks restrict dogs from visiting.


There’s nothing more frustrating than making the effort to travel to beautiful spot to notice the signs that say no dogs permitted. Even worse you could be strutting a long unaware and be landed with a fixed penalty that can be as costly as £1000.

Knowing which places are unrestricted can be complicated and time-consuming, time that could be better spent with the sand between your toes/paws. GoCompare research found the best trails in every British region, that you can and your pooch can enjoy all year round!

british dane out full tcm19 173670It’s important to go on adventures with your furry friend, it builds a bond between you both. It’s also a great opportunity for you to train your pet to walk calmly on the lead, the Canny Collar is the perfect aid to worry free. The collars are simple and easy to use as well as including a lifetime guarantee. The Canny Collar is a trusted training tool that is used by respected organisations and professionals, not to mention over half a million dog owners!

There’s no better feeling than a stroll in the sun but be sure to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable – carry some water with you, try and walk in the shade every now and then to ensure they don’t overheat! Some short-haired pets may even require a little sun cream in spots where the fur is thin, the spot above their nose and ears are frequent neglected patches. Enjoy the sun and stay safe!”

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