Manufactured in the USA, the Tick Key is the only tick removal device that uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick.

The Tick Key removes both head and body, quickly and safely without touching or squashing even the toughest engorged ticks and is 99.9% effective on all sizes and types of tick.

The Tick Key can be attached to your key ring which ensures that you have it when you need it. Available in purple, orange, nickel, red and green.


Tick Key

USD $8.09
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The Canny Colossus is our version of the Canny Collar made especially for larger breeds. It retains the original concept of the Canny Collar with its unique 'behind-the-head' design, simplicity of fit and ease of use, combining these with specially beefed-up components, including an industrial sized buckle, wider slip line and a wider, deep padded collar for added comfort.

Owners of larger breeds such as Newfoundlands, Neapolitans, Pyrenean Mountain Dogs and St Bernards will now be able to walk their dogs without pulling on the lead, enjoying the same pleasurable walking experience as thousands of Canny Collar owners already do.

The Canny Colossus is available in black for dogs with a neck size of 58 - 69 cm (23" - 27").

Click here to see a video of dogs using it and how to fit.


Canny Colossus

USD $31.90

A spare pair of Canny Carabiner Clips, which allow you to leave your Canny Collar on when your dog is off lead.


Spare Canny Carabiners

USD $2.44
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Features 3 padded grips at one end for varying length and a high quality clip at the other. Small/medium dogs: 5.0m (15ft) long, 15mm width. Medium/large dogs: 7.0m long (23ft), 25mm width.

  • Teach recall safely and effectively
  • Prevents your dog running away
  • Soft on hands - padded handle and grips for comfort
  • Secure clip
  • Fully washable
  • Gives your dog freedom
  • Gives you peace of mind


Canny Recall

USD $17.45
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Are you embarrassed by your pulling dog? Positively dread taking your dog for a walk as you have to avoid other dogs? Have you tried everything else to stop the pulling and nothing has worked?

We know the feeling as we have met many owners like you, at their wit’s end with their dog’s behaviour. Perhaps you’ve lost confidence, feel a bit of a failure, simply don’t have time for training or your dog may even be so badly behaved that you have stopped walking your dog altogether because you just can’t face it.

So imagine walking your dog on a loose lead with no pulling, like you see other dog owners do.

We all want the best for our dogs and the Canny Collar is simply the best collar to stop dogs pulling on the lead, transforming even the worst pullers into happy, well-behaved pets. Simple to fit and easy to use, it is kind to your dog, comfortable, safe and effective. All backed up by our Lifetime Guarantee.

The Canny Collar is the favoured training head collar of the UK Guide Dogs and recommended by trainers, training schools, rescue shelters & veterinarians. The ‘behind-the-head’ design means it doesn’t yank your dog’s head nor ride up into the eyes and can be used in both ‘training mode’ and ‘regular mode’ by slipping the loop off your dog's nose as needed. This way, you can train her to eventually walk on a regular collar and lead.

If you want to enjoy walking your dog, feel proud of her and have no fear of being pulled over, buy a Canny Collar today. You and your dog will thank you for it.


Canny Collar

USD $24.96
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