**The #1 place where people find out about the Canny Collar is their trainer**

Three dogs walking well on Canny CollarsDo your customers regularly ask what is the best thing to use to stop their dogs pulling? Something that’s easy to fit, not fiddly and simple to use? Have they already tried several products with little success and become disillusioned and desperate? Do they need something that just….works?

This is why we are making this special offer for dog trainers only!


Get one Canny Collar for just $7.95 including FREE shipping! That’s a huge 77% discount off the regular wholesale price and way cheaper than the $34.95 full retail price.

Why is this such a great deal for you and how will the Canny Collar help your business?


The Canny Collar is the best collar to stop dogs pulling on leash.

It was voted 'Best New Product' by the UK pet industry when first launched. Since then, over 500,000 Canny Collars have since been sold.

Half a million dog owners can’t be wrong!


What makes the Canny Collar better than other anti-pull collars?

  • Easy to fit, simple to use
  • Doesn't ride up into the eyes.
  • Doesn't yank the head to the side. Keeps the head straight.
  • Dogs accept it more quickly
  • Training not restraining
  • Allows your dog to breathe with open mouth.
  • Can be left on when your dog is off leash


YES! Please send me a Canny Collar for just $7.95!


Red Canny CollarWe are offering you the opportunity to have an advantage over your competitors by having first bite of a product which has already sold well over 500,000 units throughout Europe, Australasia and Asia to satisfied dog owners. Not only that but we are offering you a huge 77% discount so you can buy the best collar to stop dogs pulling on the leash for only $7.95 ($9.10 CAD)!!

On this page, we're going to show you...

  • Why the Canny Collar was voted #1 and awarded ‘Best New Product’ by the Pet Product Retail Association in the UK, an organization made up of over 1,000 independent pet stores!
  • How the unique ‘behind-the-head’ design of the Canny Collar means it is simpler to fit, easier to use and more effective than similar 'no pull' dog training products, cutting your training time dramatically and getting results fast!! You can concentrate on the other training needs of your client while they make walking their dog a pleasure within minutes!
  • Why dog owners love walking their dogs on a training aid that doesn’t harshly pull their dog’s head to one side nor ride up into their eyes. A product that chiropractors recommend as it essentially eliminates the potential for injury to a dog’s neck or spine!
  • How the Canny Collar is supremely versatile, allowing you to alternate between ‘training mode’ and ‘normal mode’ and how it can be safely and easily left on your dog when he is off leash!
  • Why your clients will be delighted with the superb quality workmanship and strong, durable fittings typical of a British product!
  • Why the Canny Collar is now the #1 choice of trainers, pet stores, veterinarians, humane societies and dog owners across Europe!
  • How you can be one of the trainers in North America to get your hands on ‘the latest technology in dog walking’ at a bargain basement price!

... plus tons more!

This is the SAME product that we've already sold to literally tens of thousands of regular dog owners -- with no special training or experience -- who have used it to make walking their dog a pleasure again and give them MORE free time to enjoy the very reason they got a dog in the first place.

See for yourself...

"Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials we've received from professionals like you...

People who initially knew nothing about the Canny Collar and are now making their lives easier whilst giving their clients EXACTLY what they asked for -- using this product..."


"We were astounded by the results!"

Canine Foundations recommend the Canny Collar"Canine Foundations is a private mobile behaviour consulting company in Canada that specializes in treating fear, phobia and aggression. We switched from the Gentle Leader to the Canny Collar several years ago when we were astounded by the results. Dogs who lunged and pulled on leash while wearing the Gentle Leader, Halti and even Prong collars not only became controllable but learned to heel to a flat collar within months of starting on the Canny Collar.

Since then we have been shipping the collar in for our clients and the various rescue organizations we work with, all the while keeping our eyes peeled for new products that may trump the Canny Collar in effectiveness. To date, we have yet to find a product that works half as well as the Canny Collar."

Julie Speyer, Owner & Head Behaviour Consultant Canine Foundations, Barrie, ON, Canada


"Canadian Humane Society votes the Canny Collar their best friend!"

Lynne with Mia at Georgian Triangle Humane Society"A challenge that every Dog Shelter has is getting each dog out for the walks that they need while keeping their volunteers safe. This is no different for the Georgian Triangle Humane Society and a tool that has helped tremendously with that is the Canny Collar. This effective walking tool not only allows each member of our Dog Pack to get the much needed time out of kennel and the exercise that they need, it does it while being gentle on their bodies. It also gives me, as the Dog Care and Adoption Supervisor, peace of mind that our dogs are out in our community happy and safe. The Canny Collar is our " best friend" here at the GTHS!"

Lynne Patterson, Dog Care and Adoption Supervisor, Georgian Triangle Humane Society, Collingwood, ON, Canada


"Ireland’s #1 dog trainer and TV personality uses only the Canny Collar!"

Keith Mathews was tired of how long it took for other head collars to get results... so he trialled the Canny Collar for himself and at last found a product he can be passionate about!!

Keith Mathews - BBC dog trainer"For over 15 years I have been a professional Dog Trainer. In this time I have obedience trained over 5,000 dogs of various ages, breeds, shapes and sizes.

I have employed the use of many types of neck and head collars. Although I have had success when using other head collars I found they took some time for dogs to become accustomed to their fit and therefore delayed the results process.

However this was not the case with the Canny Collar, a fantastic non-invasive product with a superbly comfortable fit, very kind, safe and simple to use. The effects were instantaneous and I was more than happy to use them exclusively in my hit BBC TV dog training series "Good Dog Bad Dog".

Good heel work is the foundation of all obedience control - if heel work is not perfect then everything else is futile. Thankfully I have now found the definitive product. I wouldn’t recommend anything else but the Canny Collar as no other product comes close.

Keith Mathews, Professional Dog Trainer, Tandragee, Northern Ireland


"A kind method of training, in keeping with a dog’s natural movement and behavior!"

Roz Wybrew - RSPCARoz Wybrew is Deputy Manager at a branch of the UK’s largest and most well-known humane society, the RSPCA. She has witnessed first hand how the Canny Collar turns dogs with no chance of being rehomed into *angels* on the leash!

"I have found the Canny Collar invaluable. Recently a distressed couple returned a dog called Goose that they had taken just a few days before who was pulling so badly on the leash that they just couldn't manage him. I suggested they try him on a Canny Collar and they set off up the lane to try it out. Within minutes they were back, smiling from ear to ear. Goose was transformed and they said walking him on a Canny Collar was like walking a different dog. They went back home with Goose and needless to say we haven't heard from them since."

Ros has also experienced huge personal success with the Canny Collar. "My dog, Millie, a Border Collie was always a nightmare to walk near traffic because she literally tried to attack it. I had to hold her tightly as she tried to hurl herself at oncoming vehicles. I knew that if I had let go she would have been under a car, no doubt losing her own life and likely causing a serious accident too. With the Canny Collar I have gained total control of Millie since she really isn't able to pull at all.

What has impressed me most is that the product does the job in a kind manner and is in keeping with the dog's natural movement and behaviour. There really is no comparison to the Canny Collar because it works in a unique way, bringing the dog's head down and not pulling the nose to the side."

Roz Wybrew, Deputy Manager, RSPCA Block Fen Humane Society, UK www.rspca.org.uk

(To see more of our success stories, click here!)


Or, if we have convinced you, click here to have your priority order shipped now for one of our limited Canny® Collars at the 77% discounted price of only $7.95 ($9.10 CAD). Don't forget to enter code CT815 in the box above 'apply coupon'.


PPRA certificate best new product


Now even after reading these glowing testimonials, I know you may have some doubts...

After all -- who are we to be giving YOU advice about dog training? And, more important, how can you trust what we're telling you?

So that you can feel confident knowing that we can give you solid proof of the massive successes we've already achieved using the Canny Collar:

  • We've sold over 500,000 Canny Collars throughout Europe, Australasia & Asia to date, representing over $20,000,000 in sales – not bad for a single product from a UK family company. I know this may sound like bragging, but it shows that we're "living proof" that we have an amazing product.
  • The Canny Collar is an award winning product, voted 'Best New Product' by an association of over 1,000 UK pet stores when we first launched in 2006 (so we've been around the block once or twice since then). Here’s the proof:
  • We do what we do out of a love for dogs and donate regularly to humane societies as well as helping them to rehome some of their most difficult ‘residents’. We send out regular donations and hear some great stories of how the Canny Collar has helped find new, loving homes for unruly dogs that would have otherwise have been euthanized. You can read some of these ‘tails’ in our newsletters (If you'd like to get on our news subscription list, subscribe directly from our home page at www.cannyco.com).

In fact we did all of our product testing at humane societies. We used to show up without a prior appointment and say “bring us out your three worst dogs, the guys who you feel have absolutely no chance of being rehomed"!! We would then ask the volunteers, who helped walk the dogs, to fit the Canny Collar and start walking the dogs. Within minutes, the results were spectacular, even with the most difficult to train dogs!

The RSPCA, the largest humane society in the UK, told us that as a result of using the collar, their rehoming rates increased and the number of dogs returned due to problems on leash dropped significantly. Our product was giving the worst, most difficult to control dogs a second chance. You can’t imagine what a thrill that was!

RSPCA thank you letter


Now you have the chance to see those same SPECTACULAR results for your clients and yourself. Click here to receive your trial Canny Collar at the 77% discounted price of only $7.95 ($9.10 CAD). Enter code CT815 in the box above 'apply coupon'.


... But even more important than OUR successes are the stories our clients can tell you about the massive successes they've had using the collar!


"Read letters from REAL PEOPLE already using the Canny Collar...

(You'll notice they are just regular dog owners with NO special experience!)"


"People who are regulars in my park are shocked by the sudden change"

Jessica Irvine and Ginny"You have no idea how much I love your company right now. My black lab has had issues walking and running on leash since she was attacked in September badly by two other dogs. It was her anxiety. She would lunge and growl and pull at any dog, runner, bird, bike, skateboard, roller blader etc and at 75 pounds of pure muscle and strength (she runs and walks 40 kilometres a week with me so extremely fit and strong), I was getting to the point where I couldn't even restrain her even when holding the harness. She was pulling me down with her.

I've only had the Canny Collar for 10 days or so but now I've got control back. Mostly she will now stay by my side and either sit or lay down by those dogs, bikes etc that caused her so much anxiety before. Sometimes she forgets and will go to lunge but what has changed is just a firm hand on the leash with the collar doing its job, and I can get her back into a sit position and a calm position when before, not even chicken would calm her to sit down from the distraction at hand. People who are regulars in my park are shocked by the sudden change in her behaviour. I can let her greet other dogs now. She will sit or lay down calmly if I stop to chat with someone.

You have given both her and myself our safety back and the freedom to actually enjoy our runs and walks together. I hope you know how much your product has changed our lives. Thank you."

Jessica Irvine, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


"At last I can enjoy taking her for a walk"

Tracy Smith and Poppy"Just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product!

I purchased a Canny Collar for my two year old dog who is terrible on a lead and cannot believe the difference it makes compared to everything else I have bought. The first time she wore it, she tried to rub her nose on the floor to get it off, but soon forgot all about it. At last I can enjoy taking her for a walk.

Delivery was really fast to Canada. Would recommend your product to anyone. Thank you and congratulations!”

Tracy Smith, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada


"It is a wonder I did not have a fall"

Pauline Nicholls and Jack"My Lakeland Terrier, Jack, is now 3 years old; for the first two years walking was a nightmare for someone, like myself, who enjoys walking so much. I tried a leather collar, chain collar and a halti collar but the walking did not improve; I was pulled all over the pavement with Jack out in front of me. It is a wonder I did not have a fall!

I was then introduced to the Canny Collar and for the past 12 months I have really enjoyed my walks with Jack. He walks alongside me not out in front and no pulling. It was so easy to train him with the Canny Collar and not once has Jack ever tried to pull the collar off, which is confirmation that the collars are a gentle fit. I thoroughly recommend the Canny Collar to all dog owners whether or not they have trouble walking their dogs."

Pauline Nicholls, Sandringham, Victoria, Australia


As you can see, we can show you many, many success stories of people who have transformed their dog’s walking behaviour using the Canny Collar. (Click here if you'd like to read more!)


"In case you are skeptical (and we respect that), let us show you how simple it is to fit and use the Canny Collar and why it is so different..."


Fitting the Canny Collar is easy! Click here to see the few steps needed to fit a Canny Collar


Akita Wearing Canny CollarHow simple is that? Heard enough? Don't wait until all of our Trial samples of this *PROVEN* dog training collar have been snapped up! If you're ready to test-drive this incredible product at an amazing 77% discount! -- click here now...

One question you may be asking yourself is 'why control a dog from behind his head? No other product does this'. And you’d be right, no other product does this and that is what makes the Canny Collar unique!

The collar was invented by old-fashioned Scottish horseman Brian Smith. He says:

"When you are standing below the head of an animal, such as a horse, you lead him from below the chin. When you ride him and are above him, you control from behind the head.

It makes no sense to control a dog from under his chin if you are standing above him. The Canny Collar controls a dog from a position more effective for his body’s natural position and movement which is why dogs accept it far more quickly than other training devices." 


***WAIT! That just makes so much sense!!** 


Doesn’t it?!?! And you, as a trainer, are in a unique position to take advantage of something that hasn’t been obvious until now. Your clients accept you as the authority on all things canine and so when you recommend a product to them, they listen and more often than not just go right ahead and buy. Imagine if you could give them a product that made you look EVEN BETTER!! Something the other trainers don’t have. A product that has dog owners shouting about their trainer from the rooftops because they got instant results, they now enjoy walking their dog and best of all, the dog is happy on his walks!!

Three very Canny dogsNot only that, the Canny Collar is kind and safe to use, a fact recognized by veterinarians:

"As an animal chiropractor, I am always looking for collars that are gentle, reduce the amount of stress and essentially eliminate the potential for injury to a dog’s neck or spine. The Canny Collar does just that and still allows owners to properly control their dog."

Dr. Susan L. Shaw, B.Sc., D.C., Certified Animal Chiropractor, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

The Canny Collar is a quality product crafted using the finest British workmanship and comes with our satisfaction guarantee. That means there is NO RISK! If your product is not 100% satisfactory, we will refund you, no questions asked!


So, what are you waiting for….?

Click here now to be one of the trainers in your area who is ahead of the pack on this one. 


"The Most Simple, Effective & Kind Training Collar You'll Find -- Anywhere!"


Unlike most devices to prevent dogs from pulling on leash, The Canny Collar doesn’t require hours of training, fitting in an exact way to function correctly or a dog handling genius to get it to work. It’s a straightforward collar with a slip line which gives you a direct link from your leash to your dog’s ‘steering’ – his face. Quite simply, it’s the easiest device on the market to fit and use. And when a product is easy to use and gets results, dog owners LOVE IT 

So, you’re asking yourself, what’s the catch?? How much is this fabulous offer going to cost me? 




To claim YOUR Canny Collar and see just how dramatically you can change a leash puller ... before we run out of collars and we remove this web page, click here... You’ll see the Canny Collar at its full recommended price of $34.95 ($39.95 CAD)... simply choose the size you require and go through the order process. When prompted to 'apply coupon' on the 'Cart' page, enter your unique code CT815 contained in the email we sent you and your order will be processed at a massive 77% discount for just $7.95 ($9.10 CAD)!!


And if you thought that was a great offer, we’re about to make you an astonishing promise….!

"If you are not as blown away by the Canny Collar as the people you have read about, we'll give you back your $7.95!!!"


Make walking your dog a pleasure with a Canny CollarYou read it right! We personally guarantee that unless you are 100% satisfied with the Canny Collar, we'll REFUND you $7.95 and you get to keep the collar! This really is a NO RISK deal!! If you are not happy…

  • The Canny Collar is yours to keep, and...
  • We'll compensate you with your $7.95 investment refunded back to your credit card (or other payment provider).

... So what have you got to lose??!!

As you can see from our testimonials, customers who USE our product are so wowed by the results, they wouldn't think of trading our product back for a few dollars. In fact, when UK trainers first trialed the collar, most of them wouldn’t return the samples!!

Anyone can offer you a "100% money-back guarantee." Big deal. What do they have to lose if you send their product back? When you take us up on our Trial offer, we take all of the risk. If the product doesn't deliver, we’re the one who eats our shirt -- not you.


"Make life easy for yourself and give your clients the dog they truly wish for!" 


You've arrived at this page just in time to take advantage of our special $7.95 Trial Offer...

We’re giving the next handful of people who contact us the chance to try the Canny Collar for just $7.95!



How to Claim Your $7.95 trial Canny Collar in the Next 5 Minutes:


To claim your $7.95 Trial Canny Collar, simply click on the link below:


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Your Canny Collar is shipped within 24 hours from our Las Vegas distributor. You will receive it in 1-2 days and can try it out on your worst client’s dog the same day you receive it. You will be one of the first trainers in your neighborhood with the latest technology in dog training equipment before the end of the week! And the other guys will be left wondering how you got hold of something they don’t know about and can’t yet give to their clients!

Good luck and happy walking!

Sean McElherron




Sean McElherron, CEO The Canny Company Ltd

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As you can see, we've already helped 'real people' like the ones you've read about here make life-changing progress with their pets. We've already proven that the Canny Collar is the only training aid you’ll ever need to prevent the dog owner’s most common problem - leash pulling. So whether or not you make the decision to start using the Canny Collar before your competitors do is now completely up to you...

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