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Half a million dog owners can’t be wrong

When you use a Canny Collar, you’re in good company. Since it was launched, over 500,000 collars have been sold to dog owners just like you. People who once struggled to control their dogs now enjoy walking them comfortably by their side on a loose lead.

What dog owners like you are saying about the Canny Collar


Canny Collar Reviews - Susan Shaw

"As an animal chiropractor, I am always looking for collars that are gentle, reduce the amount of stress, and essentially eliminate the potential for injury to a dog’s neck and spine.

The Canny Collar does just that and still allows owners to properly control their dog."

Dr Susan L. Shaw, B.Sc., D.C.

Certified Animal Chiropractor, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

canny collar testimonials indi

“Indi had a tendency to lunge for motorbikes, cyclists, joggers...basically anything fast moving. Quite a dangerous problem on a busy road. Now with the lightest of touch she is back under control and is learning to be completely disinterested in passers-by. She walks happily and it's a joyous easy walk for us.”

Aimee Collier & Indi

Birmingham, UK

Canny Collar Reviews Macko and Cookie

"Walking was a nightmare, Macko and Cookie are so strong that we often returned with all of us upset. As a last resort we tried the Canny Collars. We put them on each dog and the results were immediate. We are just home from our walk and I am stunned. No pain, no stress. Your product will change not only our lives but the dogs' too."

Jon & Jacqui Dixon

Macko & Cookie, Weymouth, Dorset, UK

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