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Canny Collar Stories

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Nadine Ilett, Giza & Annie, Brantford, ON, Canada

Giza and Annie, two dogs wearing Canny Collars

“I have been a fan of your collars for almost 20 years when I trained my first dog. I now use them on my training dogs for clients that nothing else works and they are a godsend.

I have 2 dog reactive dogs in them and it's the only thing that controls them. Recently I purchased a larger size for the one dog and put my 17 year old collar on the younger dog who started pulling her owner over. Within one use it already did it's magic. I can now walk both of them with minimal pulling during a dog/person encounter.

Thank you for making a product I feel confident walking with and training with. I am a retired horse person so the concept years ago is what made sense to me :)”

Sit, Stay, Play


Dr Christopher Pachel DVM, Twin Cities Veterinary Behavior Referral Service, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Christopher Pachel, Twin Cities Veterinary Behavior Clinic veterinary surgeon, with his dog

“I recently tried the Canny Collar on my Great Dane to see how well it worked. The strap over her muzzle appeared more comfortable than the Gentle Leader. When she wasn't pulling, the strap was very relaxed and was not constrictive in the movement of her jaws. This may be a significant benefit for dogs that resist continual pressure or tension over the bridge of the nose.

The self correcting movement appeared more effective than other collars that I have tried. Once she stopped pulling, the collar immediately released because there wasn't any additional drag on the loop like there is on the collars that attach under the neck.

I will definitely continue to use the collar. Thanks for a great product!”

Dr Pachel


Julie Speyer, Owner & Head Behaviour Consultant Canine Foundations, Barrie, ON, Canada

Julie Speyer, Owner & Head Behavior Consultant Canine Foundations, Canada

"Canine Foundations is a private mobile behaviour consulting company that specializes in treating fear, phobia and aggression. We switched from the Gentle Leader to the Canny Collar seven years ago when we were astounded by the results. Dogs who lunged and pulled on leash while wearing the Gentle Leader, Halti and even Prong collars not only became controllable but learned to heel to a flat collar within months of starting on the Canny Collar.

Since then we have been shipping the collar in from the UK for our clients and the various rescue organizations we work with, all the while keeping our eyes peeled for new products that may trump the Canny Collar in effectiveness. To date, we have yet to find a product that works half as well as the Canny Collar.”


Jessica Irvine & Misty, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Black dog lying on grass with bone

“You have no idea how much I love your company right now. My black lab has had issues walking and running on leash since she was attacked in September badly by two other dogs. It was her anxiety. She would lunge and growl and pull at any dog, runner, bird, bike, skateboard, roller blader etc and at 75 pounds of pure muscle and strength (she runs and walks 40 kilometres a week with me so extremely fit and strong), I was getting to the point where I couldn't even restrain her even when holding the harness. She was pulling me down with her.

I've only had the Canny Collar for 10 days or so but now I've got control back. Mostly she will now stay by my side and either sit or lay down by those dogs, bikes etc that caused her so much anxiety before. Sometimes she forgets and will go to lunge but what has changed is just a firm hand on the leash with the collar doing its job, and I can get her back into a sit position and a calm position when before, not even chicken would calm her to sit down from the distraction at hand. People who are regulars in my park are shocked but the sudden change in her behaviour. I can let her greet other dogs now. She will sit or lay down calmly if I stop to chat with someone.

You have given both her and myself our safety back and the freedom to actually enjoy our runs and walks together. I hope you know how much your product has changed our lives. Thank you.”


Mary D Fischetti & Sister, Edgewater, Florida

Two dogs on garden decking

"We just got the Canny Collar for our new one year old rescue dog, Sister. She is shy and fearful and has obviously been abused. First we tried a regular collar, and she pulled. Next was a harness, and then both of those in tandem. She still pulled to the point of choking and gagging.

I had heard good things about the Canny Collar, so I ordered one for Sister and when it arrived, and promptly I might add, I couldn't wait to try it. So I left the two older Shelties home and set out with Sister in her pink Collar. She tried to get it off her nose for a couple of minutes but then, like magic, she started walking with me! She still crosses in front of me and almost trips me, and cars frighten her, but she does not pull and choke herself. Thank you!"


Julie Lower, Ruby & Domino, Belleville, Ontario, Canada

"I just want to let you know how wonderful your collars are....but I don't need to tell you that!

We have two "British style" Labrador Retrievers, Ruby who is 3 and Domino who is 18 months. Ruby is gentle and easy to walk, but Domino was a very different story! We tried all kinds of collars and harnesses, but at 80lbs he is so strong, only my husband could walk him, and then had to always be careful. The first time we tried the Canny Collar, Domino was was like walking a feather compared to a cannonball! Now anyone can take him out and we all enjoy our walks so much more!

We sing the praises of your collars any chance we get! Thanks again!"


Dr Susan L Shaw, Certified Animal Chiropractor from Barrie, Ontario, Canada manipulating a dog

Dr Susan L. Shaw, B.Sc., D.C., Certified Animal Chiropractor, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

“As an animal chiropractor, I am always looking for collars that are gentle, reduce the amount of stress, and essentially eliminate the potential for injury to a dog’s neck and spine. The Canny Collar does just that and still allows owners to properly control their dog.”


Tracy Smith, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

“Just wanted to thank you for such an amazing product!

I purchased a Canny Collar for my two year old dog who is terrible on a lead and cannot believe the difference it makes compared to everything else I have bought. The first time she wore it, she tried to rub her nose on the floor to get it off, but soon forgot all about it. At last I can enjoy taking her for a walk.

Delivery was really fast to Canada compared to other parcels I receive from abroad (British expat lol) Would recommend your product to anyone. Thank you and congratulations!”


Lynne Patterson, Dog Care and Adoption Supervisor, Georgian Triangle Humane Society

Lynne Patterson, Dog Care and Adoption Supervisor, Georgian Triangle Humane Society

“A challenge that every Dog Shelter has is getting each dog the walks that they need while keeping their volunteers safe. This is no different for the GTHS and a tool that has helped tremendously with that is the Canny Collar.

This effective walking tool not only allows each member of our Dog Pack to get the much needed time out of kennel and the exercise that they need. It does it while being gentle on their bodies. It also gives me as the Dog Care and Adoption Supervisor peace of mind that our dogs are out in our community happy and safe. The Canny Collar is our ‘best friend’ here at the GTHS!”

Georgian Triangle Humane Society


Dr Judith Sampson, Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital, Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada

“The concept and design of the Canny Collar enticed me to try it. I have witnessed a dog that previously could not be walked, do a total transformation with the Canny Collar.

His owners are ecstatic and now enjoy walks on a daily basis. I will continue to recommend this kind and gentle collar for all “pullers” that come into my practice.”

Banded Peak Veterinary Hospital


Deanna Dalziel, Due South Animal Hospital, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I work in a busy animal hospital and continue to recommend the Canny Collar for all of our clients in need of such a wonderful tool. Thank you and congratulations on a great invention.”

Due South Animal Hospital

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